Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Spending your anniversary with your spouse.  What a concept!

We're batting over 500 but just barely.  Steve used to say that he had spent more of our anniversaries with his best man than with his bride.  He had spent several falls working in Hawaii and the need to earn money trumped the need to have a romantic meal on our anniversary.

But this year, we were together on said anniversary, just barely and almost not because of Steve's imminent rafting trip but together, we were.

Since Jill was celebrating losing her property owner virginity, we happily included her in our romantic meal and had a nice threesome at LoBar, complete with the requisite celebratory champagne, well, actually a Spanish cava sparkling wine.

It was a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on our blessings.  For me, it's having a spouse who appreciates me, makes me laugh and is completely trustworthy.  Jackpot!

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