Thursday, October 08, 2009


LoBar in Crested Butte serves truffle fries that they call Crack Fries.  And they are.  You eat them and you can't stop thinking about them.  And wanting them.

It got me thinking about my love affair with sushi.  Even more than Crack Fries, sushi is crack.  No matter how often I have it, I want it again.  No matter how much I have, I want more.  No matter how full I am, I'll eat another piece.  Just writing this is making me want to jump up from my computer and go to Takah.

Someone explain this to me.  As a kid, I hated fish. Fish meant Friday night fish sticks.  Sometimes, Mom tried to make gourmet fish dishes.  Ewwww.  We wouldn't touch it (unless we really wanted dessert, in which case, we'd choke it down with massive quantities of milk to mask the taste). 

Now, my first choice on a restaurant menu is often the fish.  I make fish at home.

And, sushi?  Crack, I tell you, crack.

If growing up meant that my palate matured and now I like sushi, I'm quite ok with that.

Takah, anyone?

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