Sunday, October 18, 2009

June 11, 2005

Steve's on the Grand and I'm not.  What to do?  Try to ignore it?  That's what I thought I was going to do but instead I think I'm going to embrace it.  I've been down the Grand three times myself so for the duration of his trip, I'm going to focus on my memories by posting journal entries and pictures from our previous trips together. Rachel tells me that my trip journals can be kind of boring because they're too matter of fact. Be that as it may, here goes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

I didn't journal on Tuesday, April 24, 2001.  :-(

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Camping at Tapeats for a layover.  Kind of a crappy camp for a party of 16; not enough tent sites and no where to pee but right in the middle of everything.  Rather humiliating.

It's been raining, thunder storming, all day and we're all wet and cold.  Steve and I can't find a place to set up our tent and there's another storm rolling in.  Basically, it really sucks.

The rapids today were pretty ok.  I put on the shorty wet suit so I didn't get as chilled.  We did better in Bedrock this year, giving the rock a large margin.  With the new oar set-up, we could have done the right run in Specter but Steve still didn't have his confidence back so we ran the left sneak.

We got surfed pretty hard by a wave in Dubendorff.  But it was a fun ride, if a bit adrenaline inducing.

Last night, it started to rain a bit so we got the fly out.  We put the umbrella up to drape the fly over but ended up only needing the umbrella.  That was nice.

But, right now, I just want to cry.

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