Thursday, October 29, 2009

Waiting for a phone call

If I've done the math correctly, Steve's supposed to have taken off the river today.  A 21 day trip that starts on the 9th ends on the 29th, right?

So, today would have entailed getting up, breaking down camp for the last time, rigging the boats, floating 5 or so miles, derigging the boats, shuttling 22 miles on a dirt road to Peach Springs and then shuttling an additional 2 hours to Flagstaff.



Leah said...

So, did he call? I hope so, because I know what a stickler you are about people calling when they say would. I saw a picture of "Clark Kent, the cat" - what a cutie! It is so sad I am allergic to animals such as these, or I would have one again! I miss having Sam snuggle up with me when I am sick. S/he was better than a boyfriend because s/he never talked back!!

IamMBB said...

or forgot to call . . .