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May 2, 2001 and June 19, 2005

More river journal (almost done!):

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Last night.  Mixed emotions.  Sad for it to be over but a little anxious for a shower.

Camping at 220 tonight.  Nice camp but terrifically windy tonight.  Good day.  Cloudy and cool with a strong tail wind.  We made 18 miles in less than 4 hours, then had a long afternoon to relax and hike.  Although my feet are still tender, I hiked up the 220 canyon and even climbed a dry waterfall.  Beautiful polished conglomerate.

Rapids today wree good.  205 and 217 had large haystacks so they were roller coaster rides.  Steve had good lines in all three rapids today.  We did see an overturned raft just after 209.

Last night we camped at 202.  Big camp but a slightly rough eddy. The float yesterday was the best, long and hot but really relaxed.  Savoring the canyon.

Stopped on my hike today and did some of the same.  Sat and watched and listened.  No aircraft noise, no river sounds, just the breeze, birds, lizards and insects.  Really special.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Camping at Upper 220.

Good and bad day today.  Maybe that's to be expected on the last day of an 18 day river trip.  I'm blaming the alcohol but I do see that as the cause of most evils.

We did ok this morning but, after lunch, it got windy.  Steve worked unnecessarily hard to get in front of everyone in a ghastly wind only to be told that we were pulling in at Three Springs.  (Phil wanted to get water.)  After he worked way harder than necessary to get into the eddy, everyone decided we shouldn't stop because of the wind.  He was over it so I offered to row.  I enjoyed rowing and did a good job.  Steve took over at the rapids.  After the last rapid, we were within sight of camp so he stayed in the seat.  The wind picked up and I told him what I thought which, of course, he didn't appreciate, so we argued all the way into camp.  Since then he's been less than positive about everything I've asked him to do.  I wanted the boat moved so I didn't have to sleep in the wind.  We needed to move the boats out.  Bascially it sucks. 

But enough whining.  It's a beautiful night in the Grand - almost a full moon, a peaceful eddy, little to no wind.  Dinner was awesome.  We sat around the circle this afternoon, visted and listened to bluegrass.  I rowed an did a good job.  Got a few compliments.  And tomorrow we'll be at the South Rim, seeing it all from a different vantage point.

Savor tonight and look forward to tomorrow with eager anticipation.

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