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May 1, 2001 and June 18, 2005

More river journal:

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Sitting on the raft at Whitmore Wash, watching the helicopter ferry the commercial passengers out of the canyon.  Part of me is feeling smug because they have to leave and I don't; part of me is a bit envious because they get showers and toilets and restaurants tonight.  Contemplating also the controversy of allowing helicopter ferries and concluding that I have no objection to them.  I just don't get all worked up about them.  I actually enjoy watching it fly in and out.

Another hot, sunny day.  Nice short hike to pictographs.  Saw some flowering ocotillos cacti up close.  Took a dip in the river.  Brrr, but very satisfying.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Camping at Lower 202.

What a mellow river party day.  We ran into Steve's friend and his fellow guides just after they had disgorged their guests at the helipad and while they were breaking down their oar boats to motor on to Diamond Creek for their take-out tonight.  We scored some ice, candy, fod and, of course, the all important beer.  After that, we slowly made our way downriver.  We stopped just below Fat City and then caught up with Phil and Jill.

Just below Parashant, we came upon the rest of the group waiting for us.  I felt bad but we had no idea, they'd wait less than four miles from camp.  They left lunch out for us too.  It was very nice.  We were very appreciative and responded with cold beer and candy.

Strong head wind again today.

Formal night/Phil's birthday was fun last night.  Phil got out the glo sticks and performed for us all.  Dancing Man.  Today, he rowed all day with a red cape.  He also provided the tiki torches which have made the camp circle much more inviting each night. 

I'm getting excited for the South Rim!

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