Saturday, October 10, 2009

April 16, 2001 and June 3, 2005

Steve's on the Grand and I'm not.  What to do?  Try to ignore it?  That's what I thought I was going to do but instead I think I'm going to embrace it.  I've been down the Grand three times myself so for the duration of his trip, I'm going to focus on my memories by posting journal entries and pictures from our previous trips together. Rachel tells me that my trip journals can be kind of boring because they're too matter of fact. Be that as it may, here goes.

Monday, April 16, 2001

I'm sitting on a rock at the beginning of Soap Creek Rapid writing this.  I'm back in the Grand again.  18 days.  We spent yesterday at Lee's Ferry, rigging the boats.  Rick and Linda Lynch, Tom Walsh, Paula, Manon, Roger, Barb and Denise, Steve and I.  9 of us on the river at a time.

We slept on the boat last night.  It was comfortable with our Paco pads and new sleeping bags zippered together.  The moon rose late and at one point I awoke bathed in light.  This morning at dawn, as I was laying awake, a raven flew right over my head and it was so quiet that I could hear the wind going through its wings.  Today, we only did Badger and will do Soap first thing in the am.  Our boat needed some adjustments so we quit a bit early.

At times, it was so peaceful just floating that I actually fell asleep.  The past few weeks getting ready have been fairly stressful and being able to unwind is good.

Watching the waves and listening to the water roar . . .

I just looked up to see two huge commercial rigs motor by.  What a difference that is from how we're doing it.  This is a life-changing place.  It's already changed mine.  I wonder what's next . . .

Friday, June 3, 2005

Well, here I am again.  Sitting on a raft at Soap Creek.  Day One on the Grand.  So far everything has been much more pleasant, rigging wise.  As veterans, less stress.  Different deal this time, larger group, full kitchen, many strangers.  So far (today), no hiking, much sitting.  Carrying a ton of alcohol.  It is so cool being here but it comes at such a price.  Lots of work, lots of stress, lots of worry, lots of planning, lots of money.

We stayed at Marble Canyon Lodge Wednesday and Thursday nights. Nice to have a bed and a shower but not much to recommend the place.

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