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April 25, 2001 and June 12, 2005

More from my river journals:

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Tonight I'm sitting on a ledge at Fossil Camp.  It's a very nice camp just below the last tail wave of Fossil Rapid at river left.  It's got loads of ledges and great afternoon shade.

Today was a beautiful hot day.  We had some really fun rapids today, Waltenberg and Fossil.  We also stopped at Elves Chasm  Steve jumped from the falls at Elves and also hiked way up high.

Last night was clear with just a slight breeze.  We had a layover day yesterday at Bass and everybody hiked but me.  Monday night both of my feet were excrutiatingly painful so all day Tuesday I sat in the shade with my feet up.  I've either got chillblains or sun poisoning.  But my knee is healing nicely.  I had a nice day relaxing but did get a little stir crazy because of the flies.

I forgot to mention our stop at Phantom on Sunday.  It was very cool to see it again, especially from a different perspective.  I sent ten postcards and called Mom after much prodding from Steve.  I'm glad I did because I found out there was no news and because then I didn't feel guilty about not calling anyone.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Still at Tapeats.  Camp is still too small but it is tolerable.  We found a place to pitch the tent, it stopped raining and I slept on the boat.  Today has been beautiful, sunny and hot.  Lazed around camp most of the day.  Everyone but Steve, Peachey and I hiked up to Thunder River.  I took a sun shower and washed my hair again.  Might have had an audience from a commercial Tour West trip but what can you do?

I'm thinking I might do the Surprise Valley hike tomorrow.  A bit intimidated by the heat but it would be good to do it.

Steve and Peachey both wandered off for hikes so I've got camp to myself.  Me and the raven.  Yesterday, it was the swallows darting about.  Wind's picking up.  Feels good.

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