Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.1.10

Dear Rachel,

Ah.  Back to my favorite pen!

We went to Get Low tonite.  Suzannah said they forgot the S.  It was pretty slow moving.  I"m glad I saw it but I wouldn't give it a glowing review.  It sorta deflated half way through the movie and the climax felt forced.  But the denouement did make both Suzannah and me sniffle.  We're talking about seeing The American next.  I wasn't sure I was all that interested but then Roger Ebert tweeted that he really liked it.

We might go to Angel Fire, NM for Campo's wife's memorial service.  It's on September 18.  We'll see.  We might feel odd since we didn't know her but we want to be there for Campo.

We're also talking about going to San Francisco in November for Suzannah's birthday.  That'll be fun.  She's thinking Napa and San Fran, both of which are on my to do list so I'm excited.  

I was kinda crabby at work today.  At one point, I had a mini mental meltdown and had to just get off the phone.  At another point, I was able to maintain my cool even when someone was yelling at me over the phone, although I did end up having to hang up on her.

Ellie just hid her biscuit under my leg.

But I'm slowly climbing out of the traveling hole.  I am very annoyed about an upcoming hearing. I'm having a hard time staying objective.

We ordered a new double ottoman today.  It's like the one we have but brown and twice as big.  Hence the double.

I'm also trying again to order sour cherry jellie bellies.  We'll see if this batch is in better shape.

I think it's ironic that I'm writing you letters on my college stationery but you don't have any.

Love, Mommie :-)

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