Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.19.10

Dear Rachel,

Well, we're home but we had fun driving the TT down those lonely highways.  Steve got it up to 130 today.  That's crazy fast.  I didn't like it, I mean the car felt fine, it just seems like it would be too easy for something to go wrong.

Yesterday was very nice until I got sick.  Then it sucked.  Today too.  I drank a Sprite and ate Saltines.  I actually dozed off in the car which is very unusual for me.

Clark was very happy to see us and was pretty lovey-dovey for a little while but then Ellie went after him after he jumped off the couch onto her.  I went over to make sure that he was okay and while I was holding him, he scratched my temple and bit my nose.  I screamed at him in pain and he immediately just hung there in my hand.  Steve thinks we should just go ahead and declaw him since he can't go outside.  I'm willing to be persuaded.  He has trashed the side of the couch.

The aspens are in full yellow.  It was really beautiful driving through southern Colorado and over the pass.  There were even bits of orange here and there.

Work tomorrow.  I'm envious that you have the day off.  But, of course, you do have homework to do.

Love, Mommie :-)

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