Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.17.10

Dear Rachel,

Back to little paper again . . .

Drove to Angel Fire today.  Got a later start than we wanted but don't we always?  Left Aspen just before 10:30 am and drove over the pass.  We stopped at the top and then once on the way down and then not again until we hit Taos.  I played with the TT, seeing how it felt and what it could do.  On one straight shot, I got it up to 115.  It could have done more comfortably but I was a bit freaked out by the number.  115.  I then set the cruise control at 94.  It was great at passing on the one lane highways.  And I loved telling people here, yep it's gonna be mine.  I told Steve that once I own it, he's going to see a whole nother side of me.  I'm gonna remind you of your dad, washing my car every week.  That's how I was when I had the Saab.

We got here before everyone and were starving since we hadn't stopped at all.  Steve really wants to walk around the Taos square so we decided to drive the 25 miles back there and find a place to eat.  We got there, parked, checked voice mail and found out that we were supposed to be meeting up with Campo back in Angel Fire.  So we loaded back into the car and drove back 25 miles.  Maybe we'll stay in Taos on Sunday night.

It's been fun talking to everyone but then it'll get sad.  Such a crazy thing.

We met at the golf club for drinks and then drove up to Sandie's parents' house where we visited and ate.  Then we came back to the hotel where the guys are still down hanging out in the bar.  The memorial is tomorrow at 2 pm so I'm sure we'll hang out some more tomorrow morning.  

Mark really appreciated our all being here.  I'm touched by how appreciative he is.  I'm glad we came.  It's so important to be there for your friends.

Love, Mommie  :-)

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