Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.13.10

Dear Rachel,

One of the productions companies responsible for the movie we saw tonight is called A Likely Story and its log is a drawing of a "Bad Panda."   Really!  You should google it.  They have a Facebook page with their logo.  Got me thinking about what you might name your future production company.  Sad Panda Productions?  Sidewalk to Nowhere Productions?  Happy Moose Productions?  Triquetra Productions?  CharmedFreak Productions?  I could go on . . .

The movie, Please Give, was odd.  Papa's response when it was over was "Wow."  Not "Wow!" but "Wow."  He and Grandma wondered if Jon Busch was going to come back on stage to explain it.

I'm feeling pretty productive this evening since I worked all day, went to a movie, finished my homework (sorta), posted a picture and am now writing your letter.  I never turned the TV on so that probably helped.

The saga of the car may be settling down.  The saleswoman wasn't able to find any black Q5s so Kim's going to just wait until December for the blue one that she already ordered.  Or so she says.  I'm not sure that she's patient enough.  We'll see.

I guess you're getting into it, the college grind, since your texts to me have precipitously fallen off.  That's ok, I'm just wondering if I pulled the trigger too quickly on the change in text plans.

I started moving books on to your shelves.

Love, Mommie :-)

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