Monday, September 06, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.6.10

Dear Rachel,

So sad.  I've used up all the decorated sheets!  Oh well, it only took 30 years.  I can't believe we're averaging 25 texts per day.  I'm sure that average will drop once you start classes.  Tomorrow.  OMG.  Are you ready?

I found some really old video tapes today from like 1996 and 1997.  I haven't watched it all but there's footage of you skiing and of your kindergarten or pre-school graduation.  So cute!  Maybe I'll post it to Facebook or Youtube.

I put all the hanging clothes from my closet into your closet.  I'm going to put them back in my closet as I wear them and then anything left in your closet will go to the Thrift Store.  At least that's the plan.  We finally put all the boxes in the crawl space today.  I put your Venetian masks in a box by themselves with tissue paper so I think they'll be fine.  We had all of Grandma's dishes in one box but it was way too heavy so Steve put them in two separate boxes which were much more manageable.

We talked to Shelly today about Simone.  Shelly said that Simone has already been on a winery tour and will be touring the Guinness brewery when she does a school trip to Ireland.  Totally different deal in Europe . . .

Quiet day today.  We did some organizing around the house, then Jazmin came so we went to Big Wrap and then over to Barb's parents' house to help with a few things since they're moving to Grand Junction.  Back home, where I made dinner with some garden fresh veggies from Barb and some Saturday Market pasta.  Yep, we empty nesters sure are boring!

Love, Mommie  :-)

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