Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.4.10

Dear Rachel,

Two nights in a row, you said you would text me good night and you haven't.  You must not love me!  :-P

I hope you enjoyed the fireworks.  Maybe it was fun seeing them with people who aren't as jaded about them as some of the people around here.

Steve's brushing Ellie right now.  She's not thrilled.  She got a shower earlier.  Her last one was the day I left for Chicago.  Clark's running around and meowing like the crazy cat he is.

We saw the Girl Who Played with Fire tonight.  Even though they're subtitled foreign films, they're thrillers so you might like them.  They are a bit violent, though.  This one was good but there were a couple of times I got angry because characters were doing stupidly implausible things.  Suzannah reports however that those particular events play out differently in the book.  Have you read the books?  I can't remember.  I thought Steve had but he hasn't.  I'm kinda confused.

Other than the movie, I did the Saturday Market and a little Labor Day sale shopping.  I also cleaned out two kitchen cabinets and packed up some dishes.  I'm starting the whole purging process.  Don't be too nervous.  I put most of Grandma's dishes in a box to go in the crawl space for you.

Aunt Leah called and left a message thanking us for the Kindle.  I texted her your phone number so she'll probably call you.  I just remembered that our voicemail says, "you've reached Bridget, Rachel and Steve . . ."  Hmmm.  Should I change it when I re-record it for Comcast?

Love, Mommie  :-P

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