Friday, September 03, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.3.10

Dear Rachel,

You got my first letters today!  I'm glad you liked them.  We haven't yet had a chance to talk about them but hopefully we will tomorrow.

Steve and I went directly to the food area at JazzAspen and at at Sisters' Pantry (one of everything!).  Kim wasn't there today because she has house guests but she'll probably be there over the weekend.  We missed the first band, Calexico, but caught the second band which was a crazy mix of rock and polka and some Latin influences.  DaVotchKa.  Wilco was good too but the scene was nothing like Black Eyed Peas.

Clark is trying to burrow under my lap desk.  Crazy cat.  We sprayed that Keep Off stuff all over so now the whole house smells like cilantro and Ellie keeps sneezing.

I thought our text conversation about your clothing/fashion style was very interesting.  I'll say it again:  I'm very proud of you and I'm enjoying watching you become the woman you're going to be.  It's going to be a fun journey.

The saga of Kim's car continues.  She found out last night that if she gets a different color combination, her car could be here in the States in 10 days.  She decided today to go ahead and order it and she started to get excited.  But then the salesperson didn't get back to her all day so she's kinda deflated and left in limbo. 

Our Comcast cable and phone service is being installed on Wednesday.  Huge change.  The Comcast salesman was flummoxed when I told him I hadn't had a TV for 10 years.  Guess he doesn't hear that every day.

Mommie   ;-)

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