Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.16.10

Dear Rachel,

We just got home from picking up Kim's car.  It's complicated!  And even more so trying to figure it out in the dark.  It'll be fun to drive it over the pass.

I loved your text, "You know, I kinda like being the good girl."  I know I already told you but it made me proud.  I'm sorry you missed Aaron Sorkin but I'm proud of you for not skipping class.  Such a hard decision.

Hey!  We've got a full-time opening for a receptionist.  Want the job?

Nowhere near ready to leave in the morning so I'm going to bed so maybe we can leave somewhere near 8 am.

Love, Mommie  :-)

p.s. Yuck.  Boring, plain paper.

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