Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.10.10

Dear Rachel,

Well, I feel like I'm back in college.  I just fell asleep doing my homework.  Hopefully, I'll get up in time to finish it tomorrow.

More old school stationery.  We've moved from Woodstock and Peanuts to carousel horses.  I was quite a fan of carousel horses.

Kim found out today that she lost out on the Q5 that would have been here by the end of the month so now she's broadening her range of color choices in an attempt to increase her odds of getting one before Christmas.  The limitations of the lack of dealers in the valley are a bit frustrating.  She'd love to look at other makes but doesn't think it wise.

I'll be in class tomorrow while you are.  How cool is that?  Ok, not really, but whatever.

Clark's being a troublemaker.  Ellie got tired of keeping him in line so she left and now I'm unprotected.  He's got the huge pupils and he's trying to burrow under the lap desk again.  Now he's just lying in wait.  This is probably going to hurt but I have a spray bottle at the ready.

I'm glad you're going to brunch with Jackie and Zanny.  That should be nice.

Today was Ashley's last day.  We're sad.  We do however have high hopes for our two new hires.  You're going to come back and not know anyone . . .

Love, Mommie :-)

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