Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Rachel - 9.14.10

Dear Rachel,

I'm sorry you think that you miss me more than I miss you.  It's not really a competition but it's natural that you're feeling more uncertainty and anxiety.  You're dealing with so much that's new, unfamiliar and stressful.  You're trying to navigate new expectations and challenges, all of which force you to miss the familiar more keenly.  But this is your time to explore and experience, still with some measure of a safety net.  Embrace the challenges and see where they take you!  And take comfort in the knowledge that the familiar is out there even as you create new familiar.

Envious that you have the possibility of seeing Aaron Sorkin.  Not thrilled about you missing class, though.  That's a tough call..  Can't condone it but can't condemn it either.

I had my photography class again today.  I'm learning a lot about all of the possibilities of digital cameras.  Will it make me a better photographer?

We got one of those water fountain things for Clark since he loves to drink from the faucet so much.  We also got an automated food dispenser.  It'll probably take him about two seconds to learn what that noise means.  He should be all set for his first weekend home alone.

We'll be missing the Snowmass Balloon Festival and some bazaar that they're having in Aspen.  Should be fun stuff for Grandma & Papa and the Havertys to check out.

You should call Grandma Nina.  Try to stay in touch with her regularly.

Love, Mommie :-)

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Susie said...

I'd love to meet Sorkin. I do wish I had skipped class when I had the chance to hear Paulo Frere, educator par excellence. I've forgotten what happened during that class, but know I would have remembered the event if not all Frere had to say. He died shortly thereafter so grab these opportunities as they come.

Rather late to post this now