Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Rachel - 8.31.10

Dear Rachel,

This morning, the house was weird.  It had an odd vibe, kinda empty, like this is how it's going to be from now on, very different.  Clark spent the whole night curling up on my legs and waking me up.  There's a big indentation on  your bed where I think he slept while we were gone and Ellie was with Erin.  Ellie got to go to work with us for most of the day but even so, she was unusually excited to see us when we got home tonight from dinner.

We took Jill to the Pitkin County Tavern.  It still hasn't taken off like Double Dog did.  Not sure what it's about, why there's resistance.  Other than the fact that they serve Riesling by the glass, there's quite a bit of suffering by comparison.  But I had the corn fritters again and they're still good.  


Today was a big day at work.  Almost a week's worth of checks waiting for me and they all had to be posted today for the month end.  Steve came in, got all the checks mailed out and got caught up on all the scanning.  He's not as distracting as you were!  :-)

Do you like my stationery?  I've had it since I was your age.  Clearly I haven't written a lot of letters in the last 30 years.

We rearranged the living room to accommodate the new TV.  The coffee table/trunk is now against the wall where the couch was and the couch is facing it, kinda in the middle of the room with its back to the wall of bookcases.  The TV and DVD/Blu Ray player are on top of the trunk under the painting of the Maroon Bells.  We're going to get one of those double bench storage ottomans (like the small one in front of the chair) for in front of the couch.  The couch is a little off center so there's a pathway into the seating arrangement between the desk and the couch.

We tried to watch a couple of my movies from China but kept striking out.  The Phillip Morris movie was dubbed in some Eastern European language with Chinglish subtitles and Toy Story 3 was Russian.  We were finally able to watch Seriously Moonlight with Meg Ryan but it wasn't very good.  We did test the cable to see if it worked but I vaguely recall the repair guy turning it off a few years ago.  I didn't have a chance to call today so it'll still be a bit before we really have TV.

It has occurred to me that if I take over your closet and dresser, you won't have any room for your clothes if you come home next summer.  I wonder if you will come home next summer.

I sent your robe today with a few odds and ends we found behind your printer stand and your shelf.  Nothing too exciting but, hey, it's a package!

Still have to post pictures so I'm going to end here.

Love, Mommie :-)


Susan said...

So glad to see people still write real letters. I just wrote a couple yesterday.

prncss722 said...


Can't believe you bought a TV the minute she left for school. But I know our parents did it to us and we said we would do the same for our children since our parents did such a great job with us, right?

I see you were just being tough in how you said you would not miss Rachel while she was gone. I can see that most in how you notice the quietness of her absence in the house. You even notice how the animals are adjusting to her absence, so everyone (maybe not everyone) is having a hard time dealing with her being away!! You two had a truly special relationship not many parents and children have in life. Though my mom and I have had such a relationship, I have had to share her with two other sisters, Rachel pretty much had you to herself until you dated and married Steve. So prior to this, you two were inseparable and had and still have a unique bond. Her being away has demonstrated probably how strong that bond is to you. I love the posts you are writing every day and I hope people read the love and tenderness in them, though they may be about every day things.

I will keep reading and enjoying what you are writing. I will keep in touch with my goddaughter as I did the other night via Skype. She is a treat and so very special!! My love to you both...