Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

A good friend said that she'd see this movie again simply to see Penelope Cruz speak Spanish again.

I, not having seen a Woody Allen movie since Annie Hall, wasn't enticed when I first heard about it.

But, when I saw that it was playing at Belly Up for free and knowing that Penelope Cruz had won an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress, I decided that it might be a nice way to spend an evening, eating and drinking at Belly Up while watching an Oscar caliber performance.

The set-up is two young, attractive, American friends spending the summer in Barcelona and getting propositioned by a charming Spaniard.

I really liked it.

It probably helped that I totally identified with Vicky. Her seriousness, her sense of purpose, her unwillingness to put up with any of the charming b.s. I appreciated her plight, feeling obliged to chaperone a slightly ditsy friend on a crazy adventure.

Cruz did shine as Maria Elena and Patricia Clarkson had a memorable turn as Vicky's dissatisfied slightly older family friend.

Steve didn't like the ending but I thought it was perfect.

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