Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We finally made it into Aspen on our third attempt, one on Sunday and two on Monday. Our 9:13 am flight took off about noon. Two flights Monday morning before ours did land but as we were making our approach, snow blew in and we climbed back up. Spent some time circling in much turbulence and then back to Denver to our disappointment. After the bumpy flight, the thought of doing it all over again made me a bit panicky.

But we decided to try again. We were able to get on the very next flight back out to Aspen (the 2 pm, delayed until 2:30 pm) and Steve decided to start on the 4 hour drive to Denver in case we weren't able to land in Aspen.

This time, land in Aspen we did. But now, Steve was in Gypsum. So we rounded up our luggage which must have arrived on one of the earlier two flights, caught a cab home and waited for him to return.

On Sunday, in preparation for our arrival, Steve had cleaned the house, bathed the dog and made dinner. On Monday, we finally arrived when he decided to drive to Denver. So his new theory from now on is that if he doesn't want us to get in, he'll do it all right and if he wants us to get in, he'll drive to Denver, regardless of where we're flying in from.

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