Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook social engagement

Facebook is back in my good graces.

Because of Facebook, Rachel and I have plans to have dinner in a nice French restaurant, L'Absinthe, next week in London.

At least I think it's because of Facebook.

Critics knock Facebook as supplanting real social interaction with online virtual social interaction. They believe that Facebook doesn't facilitate social engagement.

All I know is that yesterday I was having wall conversations with a couple of friends on Facebook about my upcoming trip to London. This morning I got an email from a friend from California who isn't on Facebook but is married to a Facebook (and real life) friend telling me that she was about to go to London too.

And, coincidentally our trips to London overlap. So, we're going to have dinner next Wednesday across the pond.

This is one of those things that in the pre-Facebook days, we would have figured out after we had all returned and then lamented that we had missed each other.

But because we live in the future, we actually have the opportunity to share our separate trips to London.

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Anonymous said...

My friend Kevin made a similar engagement. He travels a lot for business and is sometimes loathe to call up say a friend in New York. He will post that he's planning a trip to NYC and give the dates and interested friends wind up asking him to get together. That way people don't feel like they're imposing.