Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Text fight?

Steve and I had our first text fight today.

Or maybe it was our first text make-up.

Whatever, I thought it was actually pretty positive.

He was at my office and something he said pissed me off so I said something which pissed him off. He went to wait in the car and I told him to just go, that I would walk home.

And he did.

Fighting the urge to run after him and tell him off, I simply texted, "I'm pissed."

To which he responded by apologizing and explaining why what I said upset him.

All in less than 160 characters.

I acknowledged that perhaps what I said was a low blow and explained why I was upset.

All in less than 160 characters.

He told me he hadn't gone far.

I told him to come back and get me.

He did and voila, we weren't mad at each other anymore.

Pretty cool. We both felt heard and no one yelled. That's pretty unusual for us.

Maybe we'll do all our communicating by text from now on . . .

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Susan said...

The new communication tools are neutral. They can be used to build harmony or degenerate a language (by ridding it of vowels). It's all up to the users.