Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009, 8:13 am

Slept in a bit yesterday AM, then arose slowly. Puttered about, finally heading out for breakfast after noon to the Chelsea Bun, with all 4 of us. It was crowded and noisy but the food once again was good. Because there were four of us, we had to sit in the more crowded, noisier down stairs. I much preferred our two top upstairs window seat the other day.

A stroll back down King's Road where we left Brian at Waitrose and continued on to Monsoon for the final decision. Rachel tried on both dresses with all the accoutrements while Miriam waited patiently.

But, still no decision.

So we headed across the street to the Gap to take a breather. Miriam then headed home while Rachel and I weighed the pros and cons of each dress. Back to Monsoon where we finally pulled the trigger.

Another hot apple pie at McD's (I had at least one every day) and then back to the flat where we relaxed for a bit. As it got closer to dinner time, we opted to order in. Since the time changed here this morning and today will be a big travel day, it seemed the wise move. Rachel and I did have to dash out to the ATM to get cash to pay the car service today but still less involved than eating out.

Pasta from La Patrino, very good. Some wine, some TV, some ice cream and some packing, then bed.

I received a weather alert email from Pitkin County informing me that there's a weather watch (warning?) from 3 pm today through 6 am tomorrow so we shall see what our travel day holds. We're flying London to Chicago and Chicago to Aspen. Getting stuck in Chicago wouldn't be too bad since the parents are nearby. I'd rather not get rerouted to Denver only to get stuck there.

Fingers crossed.

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rabiel said...

Since we haven't heard from you and it's almost 2:45 pm here, I assume you at least made it thru Chicago. We are leaving fairly soon to go to Jack's birthday party. So we will have our cell phones. Call if you need anything.