Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 9:14 am

The weather gained the upper hand yesterday. Due to some teenage hormonal jet lag issues, we didn't get out of the house until after noon and in the interest of keeping the peace, we went directly to lunch at Henry J. Bean's. Funny to see a restaurant over here trying so hard to be American. Rachel didn't like her burger because they put "something" on it but my chicken sandwich was very good.

After that, due to the time and the threatening skies, we opted to get on the Tube and go straight to Tower Bridge. It got very windy and therefore very cold as we were walking so when we got to the entrance of the Tower Bridge Experience, we opted to pay the entrance fee.

Excellent choice, more for the shelter than for the experience. The experience was fine but the shelter was right on time. Shortly after we entered, it started raining, a cold bone chilling windy stinging rain.

The Tower Bridge Experience was enjoyable with a couple of videos, lots of historical photos, access to both raised walkways and a tour of the engine rooms. We were outside in the rain for a short time but long enough to truly appreciate our choice.

After a hot chocolate at Most Cafe Bar, a little spot with an intriguing view of the underside of the bridge (way more picturesque than it sounds), we next stopped at the Tower Gift Shop where Rachel got another book.

Then back on the Underground to King's Road where we did some prom dress shopping at Karen Millen and Monsoon. We've narrowed it down to 2 and I have pictures but I'm not allowed to post them.

A stop at McD's for another hot apple pie (3 for 3!), then to Waitrose for some elderflower, apple and white grape soda and back to the flat to find Brian and Miriam.

An excellent dinner at Buonasera, a restaurant with double decker seating that would never pass code at home.

Today, it's partly sunny again so maybe we'll try to do our Bankside stroll. We're saving our indoor stuff for later in the week when the weather's supposed to be less conducive to outdoor activities.

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Steve-O said...

"A cold bone chilling stinging rain." Have you ever looked up the word London? 'Cause that's the description! Love yer' blog!