Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009, 10:04 AM

Slept until 3:30 pm yesterday, then got up, showered and went for a walk down King's Road to Sloane Square. 1st and 2d stops: Starbucks for a latte and McDonald's for a hot apple pie.

So, yes, the first thing I ate in London was McDonald's hot apple pie. So yummy and so eagerly anticipated.

Window shopped a bit and found a store where Rachel would really like to get her prom dress. We'll look around some more but maybe.

Got dinner of quiches at Waitrose, the grocery store, where we were amazed on how sedentary the clerks are. They just sit on little stools, scanning the goods while the patrons do their own bagging and paying. No self service lines yet but it shouldn't be much of a stretch since the clerks don't do much anyhow. However, the floor staff was courteous and helpful, cheerfully assisting us in locating items like microwave popcorn which they keep in the candy aisle.

Then back to Brian & Miriam's flat where we figured out the TV and DVD player (no mean feat) and watched the Mummy. Brian and Miriam have quite the DVD collection and quite the home theatre (note the British spelling) set up.

We both took Ambien to try to sleep through the night to reset our body clocks. We'll see how successful that was, the resetting part. I already know that that sleeping part worked pretty well.

Since the weather is still nice but threatening to turn, we're thinking of taking a stroll through Battersea Park, just across the Thames, and then a stop at Harrod's.

It's nice to be leisurely, especially when dealing with jet lag.

(*the picture is of the bottle of raspberry cream soda that we couldn't open so punctured the top using a cork screw. it then dribbled out pathetically slowly but that really isn't an issue since the verdict is that it's gross and we're going to discard the rest.)

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Susan said...

Sounds like your vacation has started well. Yeah, you'll be more nocturnal for a while, but go with it.