Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009, 10 am

The plan was to get up and get out early solo in an attempt to procure discounted theater tickets.

The getting up part went well, the getting out part not so much and the discounted tickets not at all. Part of that due to my misunderstanding the info on the website.

The discounted day tickets went on sale at 10 am. I didn't get out of the flat until 10 am so I knew those were unlikely but since they were front row, I wasn't really interested anyhow. There was another group of tickets I hoped to tap into, the standby tickets but I got the timing wrong. I showed up at the theater at 11 am and was only able to purchase full price tickets. While he was very pleasant, the ticket seller never offered the information that the discount tickets about which I was inquiring would be available in an hour at noon. Ignorant of this fact I went ahead and got full fare tickets and continued on my way. Probably best that he didn't tell me because I wouldn't have known what to do with that information. I was meeting Brian, Rachel wasn't reachable, it would have just been too complicated for my feeble brain. It would have put me in a tizzy to try to figure it out. So full fare it was.

Met Brian at Sloane Square and walked down King's Road to have breakfast at the Chelsea Bun, Brian's favorite breakfast place.

Back to the flat to gather Rachel and then off to the theater.

The weater was a bit schizophrenic, alternating between partly sunny and bursts of strong rain, windy the whole time. So windy, I broke 2 umbrellas virtually within blocks.

The musical, Spring Awakening, was wonderful. An 1891 play set to music written by Duncan Shiek, it's a story of youthful angst and tragedy. We really enjoyed it. But I wouldn't recommend it for any one too young or too prudish.

A walk to Trafalgar Square (with a stop at McD's for 2 apple pies for me and chicken nuggets for Rachel) to see Nelson's Column which was being renovated the last time we were here and was thus completely covered up. Then down Whitehall to Westminster, the weather having improved remarkably.

Since our dinner plans had changed, L'Absinthe being deemed too remote, we headed off to Bond Street to go to Defune. Quite the treat, especially since one of our party was a Japanese woman who provided us with excellent guidance on ordering and eating Japanese food.

A short detour home due to boarding the wrong train ended our day.

Today the rain will dictate our itinerary. Perhaps a double decker bus ride, perhaps a movie.

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Steve-O said...

feeble brain is a term that can never be applied to you. And don't forget; Royal Geographical Society. I'd maybe wear like a blazer with thier coat of arms.