Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009, 10:04 am

Got out of the house around noon yesterday. Took a leisurely stroll around Battersea Park, enjoying a windy Sunday afternoon with the Londoners. Watched a little soccer and ate a little lunch at the little tea cafe.

Walked across the Chelsea Bridge and on up to Harrod's where we spent basically the rest of the afternoon. It's overwhelming and crowded but the further up you go, the less crowded it gets. It's quite overdone and ornate which makes me wonder what it was like before Mohammed al-Fayed.

We got two baby gifts, checked out the electronics, watched the end of Transformers, spent a lot of time in Waterstone's and browsed the music and DVDs in HMV. We checked out the over the top pet department and the fine porcelain. We ended with gelato at Morelli's in the food court. Mine had champagne so I was feeling good.

We left Harrod's and went across the street to Cafe Rouge which had good onion soup but not so much otherwise. It did have a nice French cafe vibe.

Since it was Sunday, at that point, most everything was closed so we opted to walk home.

We did go via King's Road where I was able to get another hot apple pie at McD's. At least one a day, that's my goal.

Home to microwave popcorn and The Mummy 2.

Trying to plan around the weather, we're thinking about Hyde Park and Bankside today with a stroll across Tower Bridge.


Susan said...

So we'll hear from you all week at 10:04? It's as good a time as any.

Who's having the baby?

rabiel said...

I hope you are plannong on taking Rachel back to the War Rooms. she said it was her favorite... Or was it the Reading Room of the British Museum?? Anyway, hope you both are enjoying London. Dr. Kanakis would be jealous.

rabiel said...

Enjoying hearing about your trip - living vicariously!! Thanks for doing the shopping - the outfit is adorable. Have fun!