Monday, February 23, 2009

Second City Touring Company

We went to see the Second City Touring Company on Friday, February 13th at the Wheeler.

I'd seen Second City previously at their Chicago theater and came away feeling ambivalent. It just seemed really spotty, not consistently funny.

I got the same vibe at the Wheeler. Parts of the night just felt so forced.

However, this time I did come away with a greater appreciation of just how much talent and intelligence it takes to perform the sort of comedy for which Second City is known. The improvisation where the cast members took suggestions from the audience is quite challenging and I was impressed by the depth of creativity the cast members exhibited.

They performed a debate where two cast members had to figure out words suggested by the audience. The only clues they had available to them were mimes by the rest of the cast members. Their words were scintillating necrophiliac masturbation. It was hilarious.

So, while a bit uneven, on the whole, the evening was a success. I am glad that I saw them a second time.

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