Saturday, February 14, 2009


Robert Earl Keen performed at the Wheeler on January 10th, shortly after a friend's birthday so off we all went. REK is a repeat performer in Aspen and has quite the following here.

I was completely unfamiliar with his music. That always makes for an interesting experience and he didn't disappoint.

REK is a Texan singer songwriter with a humorous edge who enjoys engaging with the audience. He creates a rolicking vibe that was a bit lost at the Wheeler. The Wheeler is set up as a theater, so while you can get seats right up against the stage, there's no room for dancing. REK's music begs to be danced to. It's got to be a bit disconcerting for a musician of this type to look out at a very large room full of people, all of whom are seated and at the most, bobbing their heads.

In my opinion, his show would have been better at Belly Up, where there's a dance floor right in front of the stage.

Or maybe the Wheeler could figure out a way to accommodate the inevitable urge to get up and dance.

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