Saturday, January 24, 2009

X Games

Went to X Games this evening to go stand on the Superpipe, something I'd never done before. We were watching the Men's Snowboard Superpipe qualifier which is quite the big name event. Shaun White, Mason Aguirre . . .

At one point, we were watching Superpipe qualifiers (snowboarders), Big Air practice (skiers) and Snocross (snowmobilers), all laid out in front of us.

We barely even had to turn our heads.

I did learn that if you're going to go watch anything from up on the Superpipe, you really need to wear your crampons. It's bloody slippery up there (literally bloody too).

The crowd was very young and very drunk, although not so much up at the top of the Pipe. You had to work to get up there so it kinda weeded out the riff-raff.

Heading home, rather than deal with the obnoxiousness, we walked the three miles back to Aspen which was very nice and quiet. But once I got to town, I couldn't resist walking around to check it out and it was quite the mob scene. The line at New York Pizza was down the stairs, out the door and down the block.

ESPN and Aspen SkiCo have just announced that X Games are going to be in Aspen until at least 2012. I'm ok with that. It is obnoxious but it's only four days a year.


Susan said...

Was Kevin competing?

IamMBB said...

Not this year. He's in New Zealand, I think.