Friday, January 16, 2009


The Wienerstube in Aspen, an Austrian restaurant, is a long standing institution. It's gone through a few different owners and permutations. Since I've been in town for the last 10 years, they've tried dinner in the past but it's never seemed to work out.

There's now another new owner, Harald, and he's trying dinner again. He's very enthusiastic and seems very interested in making it work.

However, we went last night and I'm in no hurry to go back.

The food was good, if overpriced. But, it's Aspen, so this is not unexpected.

The service was pleasant although she did forget to bring my second glass of wine. Again, not a big deal.

But, at the end of the meal, when our little party of four received our check, we were shocked to see that the gratuity had been added. On the way out, I double checked the menu but there was no mention of adding gratuity for any size party.

Aspen does have a fair number of foreign visitors who are less than familiar with our customs regarding tipping so a number of restaurants do have a statement on their menu that they reserve the right to add gratuity for large parties or for foreign guests.

During Christmas week, we took a party of nine to the Steak Pit and I so appreciated the fact that the server didn't add on the gratuity that I tipped him 20+%.

But I have never had a gratuity added on for a party of four.

Sorry, Harald, but I doubt that I'll be back for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Place a statement on the menu if this is your practice. Don't shock the customer. Ever. Most will tip and the practice does allow customers to reward good service and punish bad. In many places the server deserves no more than 15%. IMHO.