Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flinty Chicago Toughness

I grew up in Chicago.

I lived in DC for 12 years.

I never ceased to be amazed and amused by DC's fear of snow. The government and schools would be cancelled at the sight of a flurry. They had to have rolling release for the federal agencies so that the Metro wasn't overwhelmed. People would abandon their cars in the middle of the Beltway. They'd empty the grocery stores if there was a hint of a winter storm on the way. I loved driving around during a snowstorm 'cause the streets were empty.

I so identify with Obama's mystification. The last time Chicago public schools closed because of the weather was a decade ago. The snow had to be outrageous before it was even considered.

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Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike.

I'm impressed that he became so flinty so fast after growing up in Hawai'i and Indonesia.