Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I've been very enamoured of Facebook.

It turns out that it may not be reciprocated.


I recently stumbled upon the fact that two acquaintances "unfriended" me.

This is really no big deal. These are friends of friends whom I have met twice.

No hard feelings. Really.

However, I was surprised by my initial reaction to this. The insecure little pre-teen I thought I had left behind long ago popped in for a short visit. She kinda stuck out her tongue and waggled her fingers in her ears at me, saying nah-nah, until I kicked her back out the door.

Be gone, you pest!


Anonymous said...

Un-friending? Seems they should allow people to sort of drift away like in the real world. How would that work?

IamMBB said...

It almost is real world like. You don't know that they're gone until you look for them and they're not there.