Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bill of Wrongs by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose

As a bit of a latecomer to Molly Ivins, I'm sure that I'm just discovering what others have known for some time. Molly Ivins was fabulous. Three pages into the introduction, I was exclaiming out loud that everyone should read this book.

Witty, compelling and with no fear of skillfully using profanity to make their point, Ivins and Dubose shine a light on the crimes of the Bush administration against the constitution, American citizens and people of the world.

They present a picture that is at times triumphal and at times frustrating but is always appalling.

They also provide a vision of hope in the courage and strength of everyday Americans willing to stand up to the abuses of a rogue administration.

Growing up in a relatively conservative environment, I used to be frustrated by the ACLU's interventionalism in various matters which I saw as ridiculous meddling. After reading this book, I say, thank god for the ACLU.

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Anonymous said...

I love and really miss Molly. There's a good essay on her in Anne Lamott's Grace Everlasting. It's about a party she insisted Anne have as she (Molly) was really sick. She had tremendous spirit till the very end. Read more of her!