Monday, June 30, 2008

New digs or Let the fun begin

Well, it's official.

After more than a decade in the same location, my office will be moving.

I don't know exactly when we'll be moving but I know where.

It's a raw space so we'll have to do a complete tenant build out and the timeframe is anyone's guess.

See, this is Aspen and it's notoriously hard to build here, even if you're just improving an existing space.

Rumor has it that building permit approvals are 20 weeks out. That's from the time of submission. And we're no where near ready to submit . . .

But, it's coming. The next year is going to be fun, exciting, stressful and exhausting.

Here we go . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found a space. Where is it with respect to the current office or your home?

Twenty weeks for the permit? With all the construction in Aspen, I'm surprised.

IamMBB said...

Imagine how much building there would be if it wasn't so hard!