Saturday, June 28, 2008

Insecure adolescents

No matter how many years or how many accomplishments we are able to put between our present selves and the insecure, conflicted adolescent we once were, we're never fully able to leave that teenager behind.

I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this but so what?

At present, I'm pretty secure in where I'm at. Not so secure that I'd say it's all perfect and while I guess I could complain if I really wanted to, I don't and I won't.

Which makes it all the more surprising how inordinately pleased the following episode made me.

Last night, Steve and I were at Belly Up to see Cash'd Out, a Johnny Cash tribute band (or cover band, if you're old school).

At one point in the evening, I was sitting by myself watching the band and watching my dancing fool of a husband when a complete stranger approached me. Due to the low lighting in the club, I wouldn't recognize him again but I remember clearly what he said, completely unbidden.

Excuse me. I've been sitting behind you and I just want to tell you, be patient. You are a very beautiful woman.

I thanked him and before I could even process anything, he walked away.

Now, as someone who did her fair share of "clubbing" back in the day, I'm no stranger to compliments but one thing you quickly learn whilst clubbing is that most, if not all, compliments from the opposite sex are driven by a desire for . . . (yes, I'm going to say it) sex.

But this guy didn't want anything except to tell me what he thought.

And that was pretty cool. And made the insecure adolescent me beam.

Although, I'm still not sure what he meant by be patient . . .


Steve-O said...

I'm a dancin' fool. I may be totally wrong but I'm a fool, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting encounter. What was meant by that patient remark. Hmm.

Still how cool that this man just shared that thought. Let a sincere compliment free.