Saturday, September 12, 2009

Senda Costera

A fabulous day.

Arose early (7 am) after a jet-lagged fitful night's sleep so that we could get on the road to the airport to pick up another couple, Bud and Sandy from Durango. We had a short unexpected delay when the ATM ate Bud's debit card (he's having another Fed-ex'd) but we then drove up to Cudillera, an exquisite old fishing village where we hiked up the winding streets to the farm land above. Then a short shuttle to the beach at Playa de Aguilar where we picked up the 4 km Senda Costera de Muras de Nalon (but not before I had a small clumsy mishap on the slippery rocks on the beach).

After walking 4 spectacular kilometers along the cliffs above the ocean, we went into San Esteban de Pravia where we ate lunch at Tasca Marinera El Puerto. Sumptious calimari, hake, monkfish and goat cheese salad left all 6 of us sated.

A drive back to Hotel Fuentes de Lucia, a shower and now some relaxation time.

I finally caught up with Rachel on Skype and will try again before I go to bed.

I have no idea what we're doing tomorrow but I'm sure it will be great.

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Susan said...

Bud's debit card trouble reminds me that travelers checks and some cash still are good ideas for the traveler.