Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainy day

Slow start today. Breakfast at 8:30 am as usual but since everyone was feeling chatty, we didn't get away until after 10 am.

With low hanging clouds threatening rain, we headed over to the rio Teverga valley where he hiked a branch of the Senda del Oso from Caranga to Entrago. It's a trail along an old railroad bed similar to the Rio Grande trail. It has a 301 meter long tunnel with motion detector lights to illuminate the interior.

It rained on us enough that we all dug out our rain jackets but not enough that we were really uncomfortable.

Lunch at Pena Sobia Taberna Restaurante in Entrago. I had sopa and stuffed peppers and Steve had garbanza and jamon.

We then stopped at San Pedro de Teverga, an 11th century church, before heading back to Hotel Fuentes de Lucia for a rainy, restful afternoon.

A tortilla and a pear and hazelnut salad for dinner with a fascinating defense of bull fighting from Juan Carlos.

Tomorrow, Somiedo if it's sunny. Museums if it's not.

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