Monday, September 14, 2009

Desfiladero de las Xanas

Dinner last night was a fabulous panga with a rice pilaf.

This morning, breakfast at 8:30 am, then a 9:30 am departure for Villaneuva and the Desfiladero de las Xanas, an incredible canyon hike. We hiked up to La Rebollada and then down to Pedroveya to La Generosa where we had lunch of fabada, pota and two stews whose names I didn't catch. A drive to Bermiego where we walked to El Teixu de Bermiego, considered to be the oldest yew tree in Europe. We also visited some of the 32 horreos and paneras in Bermiego. Nanette, Steve and I then hiked down to Arroxo while Judy took Bud and Sandy back to Hotel Fuentes de Lucia. At Arroxo, Nanette and I walked along the Senda del Oso to Barzana while Steve went up to the hotel to let Judy know our plans.

Nanette and I enjoyed a glass of vino tinto while we awaited our ride back to Faedo.

Juan Carlos' garlic soup and a mista salad for dinner and an apple pastry for dessert.

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Susan said...

I'd like the garlic soup recipe. Sounds like you're having one idyllic day after another.