Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's really beautiful here!

Since yesterday and today were basically one really long travel day, this entry could be one long whine but I'm going to focus on the positive and say that everything went smoothly with little to no delays. Immigration was a breeze and customs was non-existent.

I will say that US Airways has the most cramped international flight I've ever been on and Iberia the most cramped flight period.

We flew Aspen to Denver to Philadelphia to Madrid to Oviedo, 21 hours total including layovers.

Judy met us at the Oviedo bus terminal which was great. The drive from Oviedo to Barzana de Quiros was gorgeous and the Quiros Valley is spectacular.

Although we napped for short periods during our travel, we are exhausted but we worked really hard to stay up until 10 pm to try to adjust our internal clocks. We visited for a while, then showered and then walked a bit through the village. This area is basically dotted with tiny villages built into the mountain sides. Very quaint and rustic with lots of centuries old houses, corn cribs and the narrow windy roads.

Since some other guests arrived unexpectedly, Judy cooked a wonderful dinner of pumpkin soup, tomato salad and pork cutlets and we are now collapsing from jet lag.

Perhaps the festival in Oviedo tomorrow.

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Susan said...

You've got a good trip ahead of you it seems.