Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Museum Day

Another rainy day, this one rainier than the last.

So, a museum day rather than a Somiedo day.

We went to the bank to change dollars for euros at the crappy exchange rate of $1.51 per euro. At least that included all fees.

Then off over the pass to El Entrego to visit the Museo de la Mineria y de las Industria where we toured a mine (although I strongly suspect it was a replica), saw some cool old pre-industrial mining equipment and visited the Casa de Explosivos. They had a large man-powered wheel that we could walk in to show us how they pumped water out of the tunnels hundreds of years ago.

We next traveled to Nava where we had lunch at Casa Angelon, an Asturian sidreria. (I had the lenguado.) After lunch, we went to the Museo de la Sidra, where we learned about the history of hard cider making here in Asturias.

A stop at El Arbol, the grocery story, completed my day. I love going to foreign grocery stores, so familiar and yet so different.

Dinner was a traditional gazpacho and segundo, albondigas, gigantic spanish meatballs in a savory green sauce. For dessert, a creamy confection of yogurt, lemon and condensed milk topped with nutmeg.

Tomorrow, Somiedo, come rain or shine.

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