Monday, September 21, 2009

Gijon y Aviles

Slow morning and finally out the door around 11 am after taking Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News pics with three of the four Aspenites, Judy still being in Leon.

Off to Gijon to explore the old port city and have lunch at the Mar de Bien. Good choice with good food and friendly service. Karinjo and I had cod while Steve had pork cutlet, preceded by scrambled eggs and mushrooms for Karinjo and me and potatoes and chorizo for Steve.

After getting our fill of Gijon, we drove to Aviles where Karinjo showed us where the Aspen Institute conference had been held and a few of the sights she had seen last week.

We then dropped Karinjo at the airport and took the long short way back to Faedo. Between the twisty mountain roads and the new highway which the GPS didn't know existed, we had quite the adventure. We were glad we had at least some familiarity with the area.

I then joined Judy, Juan Carlos and their three Venezuelan guests for a glass of wine. It was quite entertaining watching the four Latin men holding forth, even though I understood almost nothing.

Tomorrow, who knows?

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