Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy to help

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a local news story on the radio. Realizing that a friend of mine was being interviewed, I was confused and surprised to hear that his last name was the same as Steve's. That just didn't seem right. I knew his wife's name wasn't the same as Steve's and I knew she no longer used her maiden name.

I just couldn't wrap my groggy mind around how her husband's last name could be the same as Steve's when I was sure that hers wasn't.

As I pulled myself into consciousness, it came to me. The last names were similar but not identical and the wrong one was being used.

So, in the spirit of ensuring my friend his due credit and of helping to ensure that our local news is accurate, I called the radio station, spoke with the news person and by the next local newscast, was gratified to hear my friend being referred to by his correct name.

I wonder if anyone noticed . . .

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