Saturday, August 02, 2008

Smooth Travel

I'm probably jinxing myself but I have had yet again a positive air travel experience.

It may have had something to do with the time of day as we didn't leave Aspen until 7:10 pm and it certainly helped that it was beautifully clear evening.

After opting not to take the flight that began boarding just after we cleared security since it was a prop plane (and hoping that by doing so, I wasn't tempting fate), we boarded our jet along with maybe a dozen others. Plenty of empty seats so we were easily able to sit together even though we weren't in our assigned seats.

We landed in Denver and discovered that, although our flight was delayed, there was a flight scheduled to in 30 minutes. We hightailed it to the other end of the extremely long terminal and were immediately given seats together in Economy Plus seating. (When connecting out of Aspen, it pays to not check any bags.)

We arrived at O'Hare at about the same time that our delayed scheduled flight was supposedly leaving Denver.

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Anonymous said...

Were you ever lucky!