Friday, August 29, 2008

Belated review

KT Tunstall.

On Monday night, Steve, Rachel, Rachel's friend, Sydney and I saw KT Tunstall at Belly Up in Aspen. Rachel and Sydney spent the whole show at belly'd up against the stage at KT's feet while Steve and I were just a few feet behind them.

I've been a KT Tunstall fan since she was profiled on Weekend Edition in February of 2006.

This was the last show of KT's US tour but she didn't short us at all. There was fun banter with the audience about trying to perform at altitude and about trying to ski in Scotland.

I had a blast, dancing and singing along with every song she played. I was standing near a speaker so I could sing as loud as I wanted without bothering anyone. She performed just one song I didn't know, a new one which hasn't yet been released but which I'm sure I'll own as soon as it is.

I was psyched that she played Beauty of Uncertainty. The one song she didn't perform that I would have liked her to was Girl and the Ghost.

KT and her band played with energy and enthusiasm. The only negative note of the evening for me were the two stick in the mud, unpleasant women near us who rarely moved, didn't sing along with anything KT performed but found the energy to make fun of me for enjoying myself. Until, that is, Steve shut them down.

But, even with that brief episode, the evening was a stunning success. Woo-hoo! (think Black Horse and the Cherry Tree)

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