Saturday, August 09, 2008


I ordered a book from Amazon.

It came.

I started reading it pretty much right away (luckily).

The book was very compelling.

I quickly got to page 88.

The next page was page 121.


But I must say Amazon was very efficient about processing my return and it didn't cost me a penny. They gave me a postage paid return label and simply required that I ship my defective book back within 30 days.

When the new book arrived (within 2 days, I might add), I immediately checked to see that all the pages were there.

But come on, how often do you check your new books to ensure that all the pages are included?

And, at least in my house, since we have such a backlog of books to read, we can go quite a while before we actually get around to reading our new purchases.

I wonder what Amazon would have said if the book was a year old before I started reading it?

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Steve-O said...

Dude, you didn't tell me it stopped on page 88! 1988 is when his (and her) life kept ending. Sicko coincidence.