Saturday, August 16, 2008

Behind the times

I finally watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night.

I don't have a TV but that's not my excuse this time since I was at my parents' on 8/8/08 and they do have a TV.

No, I didn't see the opening ceremonies that night (except for a small portion of the Parade of Nations) because I went to bed.

In retrospect, that seems kinda lame but I hadn't yet caught Olympic fever at that point.

I have now.

We've gone to the J-Bar twice in the last week to watch the coverage and I spent a couple of hours tonight watching highlights, like the mens' swimming 4x100m free relay and the mens' swimming 100m butterfly, online.

Hey, I'm only a week late . . .

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Susan said...

Welcome aboard. There's lots of video online. Besides you can visit your parents some night. This is one of the best Olympics I remember.