Saturday, August 30, 2008

All in the Family

I like Starbucks.

I've been pretty open about that fact.

Well, as of tomorrow, Starbucks and I are going to be connected.

See, Rachel starts work there tomorrow.

Rachel's friend, Sydney, has worked there all summer and she has prevailed upon Rachel to join her so that they can work together.

This is a good thing. Rachel has worked for me for 3 years and that has been difficult. Rachel can be a very contrary child, especially when it comes to interacting with me. So, being her boss has been no picnic.

I can't tell you how many times I've fired her.

It'll be good for her to have a boss to whom she's not related, to have a schedule she can't just change on a whim and to be able to work after school and on weekends.

Plus, it's Starbucks. I wonder what my, I mean, her employee discount will be . . .


Writer Girl said...

Two things mother...
You know I'm still working for you right??
And I can get drinks for free. just ask.

Darling Daugther

Susan said...

It's just good to have that independent job and Starbucks is a quality company.

IamMBB said...

Shhh. You shouldn't say that where people can hear you. (that's directed to Rachel's comment, not Susie's) (on second thought,maybe it's directed to both comments)