Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The town hall debate

Has Tom Brokaw had eye surgery?

Obama - "a lot of you I think are worried." should have said that I know a lot of you are worried.

I'm watching CNN and wow, look at Obama's approval lines at the bottom of the screen. The people are loving it.

McCain - does the president have the authority to order the secretary of the treasury to buy down home mortgages?

Obama - he's not answering the question about whom he would appoint to fill Paulson's vacancy.

McCain - oh no, you're not touting the fact that you suspended your campaign to tank the bail out compromise.

A bit condescending to suppose that we've (or the black questioner) have never heard of Fannie or Freddie.

Barack's breakin' it down for the man. Here's how the bailout will help, here's what's happening, small businesses can't get loans so they can't make payroll, so the bailout helps loosen credit and helps the average man.

Boy, I just finished reading the Rolling Stone cover story about McCain and I'm really not feeling the love for him. Yuck.

Obama - net spending cut!

McCain - cynicism? stealing Obama's word.

McCain - "I have fought earmarks" Can we talk about an aircraft carrier that Carter vetoed twice?

McCain keeps walking towards Brokaw and then suddenly changing course, oh wait, I'm supposed to be talking to the audience.

McCain keeps saying that we can do them all at once but he's going to have a Democratic congress so it's going to be a stalemate.

Brokaw - "there are some real questions about whether we can do everything" Slam?

Obama ranks the priorities, 1 energy, 2 healthcare, 3 education.

Fiorra asks what sacrifices we'll have to make and McCain is talking about the defense budget and contractors. Except for defense and veterans programs, McCain will cut all other programs?

Obama - "A lot (?) of you remember the tragedy of 9/11." Bush's call to service (Go out and shop) wasn't the kind of call the American people were looking for. "Each and every American can start to think about saving energy." Nice way to specifically tell Fiorra what sacrifice she can make.

Hatchet/scalpel. Steve says that's a good line. I agree.

McCain says that Obama's going to raise taxes on 50% of small businesses. I'm thinking that this isn't accurate.

Nice way to adjust on the fly, Tom.

"Straight talk express lost a wheel on that one." Nice jab.

Nice way to bring it back around to the question. Taxes back to Medicare.

McCain has been so divisive in this campaign and he think's he's going to sit down with Democrats?

I hate the way McCain is dropping his mike every time he finishes. It's so smug.

I love the question about Congress moving quickly. You've shown us you can do it, now you can't pretend like you don't know how.

Yep, we're the best workers and the best innovators. And the best screw-ups. Just ask Iceland, basically bankrupt because of the US mortgage crisis.

God, he did it again! Oh, he's pissing me off.

3% of the oil reserves and we use 25% of the world's oil! I love that statistic. Drill baby drill is dumb baby dumb.

McCain wants Tom to jump up and down.

McCain - Ugh, he's so nasty and sarcastic. "You know who voted for it? That one." Ugh.

McCain's smile is so smug and condescending while Obama's is just sceptical.

If McCain starts taxing employer health insurance benefits, I'm going to tell my employer to stop offering health insurance. Basically, the rules should be the same. Both group coverage & individual coverage is tax deductible and no exclusion for pre-existing conditions on either, if you've have continuous coverage.

Healthcare - privilege, right or responsibility? McCain - responsibility. Obama - right.

Obama - he's right. if you can shop state to state, then you'll lose the consumer protections. All of the insurance companies will set up shop in the least regulated state and you'll be buying less coverage than you think you are .

McCain makes "my friend" sound like a slam.

"I don't understand why we invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11." Me either!

Obama lived overseas and I think that's huge when it comes to understanding the US position in the world.

We'll establish the Obama Doctrine and the McCain Doctrine and then next week, we'll ask Sarah if she knows what they are.

Let's work in concert with our allies instead of in spite of our allies.

Can we be done now? Can't we just have the election today? I'm so sick of all this. I'm so sick of McCain.

McCain and Obama are saying the same thing about Pakistan but McCain is trying to make it sound like it's totally different.

Nice jab, Obama on the bomb, bomb, bomb Iran quip. Don't tell me I'm not speaking softly when you're off saying that North Korea should be annihilated.

"I'm going to act responsibly as I've acted responsibly in my military career." Bullshit! Please, please, please read this.

General McKiernan?? I thought it was McClellan. The pitbull says it's McClellan.

Steve - Who's living normal lives? The families of the US soldiers or the oppressed Iraqis?

Obama - "We honor your service." We. Awesome.

Look at the lines during Obama's response to the Iran/Israel question.

Obama - "Direct talks with our enemies to deliver a direct message that if you don't change your behavior, there will be dire consequences." Amen!

Great last question!!!! "What don't you know and how will you learn it?" Obama - "Michelle could give you a much better answer to this question." Opportunity. Seizing opportunity.

"Are we going to pass on that American dream?" "Can't continue to do the same things we done over the last eight years and expect a different outcome."

Obama will seize opportunity to learn what he doesn't know.

McCain doesn't know what's going to happen but so far he hasn't said how he's going to learn.

My country first? Hell no! Please read this.

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